Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The Appalachian Life Quality Initiative partners with the community to promote health, education and other programs--especially for Scott County's underserved children. This partnership will be a lifelong process enabling each child to be an educated, confident, self-directed, and positive member of an ever-changing global society.

Vision/Strategy Statement

Implementation Strategy:

To find the unmet primary needs of the underserved people, especially the children, in Scott County, Tennessee, and work with existing organizations, institutions and the general public in strategies and funding to meet those needs.

Why are we committed to this strategy?

  1. Because children are clearly our most precious resource.
  2. Because the number of young people not on the road to becoming successful contributing adults is a growing crisis. We must point them in the right direction if they are to grow up strong and ready to take their places as successful adults and community leaders.
  3. Because we must build a powerful framework around which to build a community-wide vision capable of uniting individuals and organizations to take collective action to make children our number one priority.

While we acknowledge our primary vision as being the healthcare of the children, let us also look to other avenues of helping ALL the people of Appalachia.

  1. Establish a working relationship with local and state agencies to develop a plan to support the vision of the ALQI Board and determine the roles each will play.
  2. Develop other partnerships to ensure the success of the process.
  3. Develop a strong united voice with coordinated strategies.
  4. Establish an annual meeting where leaders may come together to compare notes and gain fresh ideas on how best to serve their community.

By doing this we will bring in more public support to develop the programs and find the funding. We must address the future of our country and how it can be improved, not merely for us but for our children and grandchildren.

Philosophy Statement

The policy of the ALQI Board of Directors is to always perform our work in the most professional manner possible; to treat each of our fellow workers and volunteers with dignity and respect; to provide prompt and honorable attention to this organization; to put an emphasis on quality through education and instruction to all involved; to do our best to anticipate the needs of the Scott County area; to take pride in our work; and to be satisfied with nothing less than the pursuit of excellence.

Primary Goal

To provide every underserved child healthcare and educational services.


  1. To assist ELGIN Children's Foundation in reaching its goals by continuing to support the existing programs in Scott County until they are able to operate, within the required parameters, without ALQI support or for five years.
  2. To be aware of community needs and establish new programs that fall under the ALQI guidelines.
  3. To produce certifiable statistical results for the purpose of educational, mental and physical improvement and the expansion of the programs through grant writing and other fundraising sources.
  4. To make our programs and ourselves available as examples to the other nine counties of ELGIN.
  5. To keep the healthcare and educational needs of the underserved, especially the children, as the focus of our work in Scott County.
  6. To broaden our financial base through grant writing and partnering with other local or nationally based organizations whose vision and goals are the same as ALQI.

Internal Objectives:

  1. To establish necessary and viable programs within the ALQI organization as mandated by the ALQI Board of Directors.
  2. To collect and manage certifiable statistics.
  3. To manage and maintain the organization and its projects in a professional manner, always keeping the children as our primary focus.
  4. To educate and build support to growth management and to sustain issues as they appear.
  5. To develop a Master Plan and to adhere to it as closely as possible for the next five years.

External Objectives:

  1. To provide primary fundamental services to the underserved, especially the children.
  2. To work in cooperation with ELGIN Children's Foundation in providing such instructions and guidance to not only Scott County, but others if requested.
  3. To provide for the future of the ALQI organizations through community involvement and endowments.