Scott County Dental Clinic

1.In 1999 there were over 4,000 children in Scott County with TennCare insurance, which no dentist in the County accepted. The Scott County Dental Clinic opened in 2000 with Scott County Government paying to remodel the building, as well as cover the rent and utilities for several years. Dental equipment for the Clinic was donated from all across the State of Tennessee. There have been several dentists over the years that contributed their services to the Clinic. The latest dentist to be part of this program is Dr. Caleb Thompson, DDS. Dr. Thompson continues to be a great asset to the Clinic. ALQI is proud to provide support and oversight for this Clinic.

Scott County Dental Clinic Oversight Board 2008:
Margaret Failor, Dwight Murphy; Angie York; Kathy West, CHAMP Coordinator;
Board member John Blakley; Dr. Gordon Baird, Jr., Clinic dentist;
and Delora Tibbals, Chairman of the Board.